TWISI – September 10, 2012

Happy Friday fellow toastmasters, its my pleasure to present the TWISI from last Mondays marvellous Early Morning meeting.

The meeting was opened by the shinning Susi Vasseur, who welcomed our four guests and introduced the mornings chair, Sandy VanDeKinder. Our theme for the meeting was “Unfamiliar”. Sandy’s introduction was fun and light with some useful tips for us all! From there we moved to the introduction of the support rolls for the day. First up, one of our newest members Victoria Keddis as Ah Counter, who had a very clever intro using her prop crutch to explain the use of crutch words. Brilliant visual! Grammarian Caroline Hannah gave a wonderful introduction and came up with a fantastic word of the day, which was used by almost everyone! (Really wish I had written it down!!)

Timer, Renuka Kumar was very well prepared with a thorough explanation of her roll for us all. With the support rolls introduced, we had our funny bone tickled by Trudy Merrell, were inspired by Sheila Allison’s Thought of the Day, and then moved into a wonderful round of Table Topics hosted by Topics Master, Brett Lauritzen. We heard from Susi Vasseur, yours truly Trevor Marples, as well as two guests and soon to be members! Evaluators Christine Steward and Nancy Coats, provided valuable feedback and were very encouraging to all of the contestants.

Before the break, Sandy VanDeKinder presented our Presidents Distinguished Club for last year to our current president Duncan Robinson, who gave a great off the cough acceptance speech!

After what may have been the longest break we have ever been afforded during a regular EET meeting due to being ahead of schedule, Toastmaster Alistair Brown prepped us for the prepared speeches. This weeks line up consisted of Jonathan Moxness who provided us with tips for a better vacation slide show with his speech  “Your photos are lovely, but I don’t care”. Very funny, and very true!. Caroline Hannah got us thinking about how to have a successful open house next month, with some audience participation and volunteering for bringing food, greeting guests, and a reward offered of a $25 gift card (later suggested by Jonathan Moxness) for who ever brings the most guests!

Our final speaker was Lorill Drummond, who playfully discussed the very common fear of the dark! It was a real treat watching one of Lorill’s best speeches yet!

Evaluators Duncan Robinson, Brett Lauritzen, and Sheila Allison provided very clear and valuable evaluations for each of the presenters.

Finally, the general evaluation from Trevor Marples was jaw droppingly stunning, and we wrapped up at 8:30 right on the nose! A fabulous meeting all around! Thank you everyone for your contribution to an energized start to the week!

Trevor Marples

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